Using Detailed Imagery to Attract Your Desires

Using questions to trigger positive imagery is one of the most powerful and effective ways to stimulate detailed mental images in your mind. When someone asks you a question, your mind is creating mental images at lightning speed to determine your reaction and your answer.

When someone interviews another, their follow up questions are usually geared towards obtaining more detailed answers. You can do the same by asking yourself detailed questions about your inner images which will make your mental movies even more vivid.

The more detailed your positive mental images are, the more exact they will be. A dull mental picture won’t give you as much motivation or positive energy to achieve your goals as a more specific one does.

To make your mental imagery more detailed you first need to relax. You can use one or more of these common techniques:

Remove any distractions or go to a quiet uninterrupted place.

Put on some comfortable clothes and do a little stretching.

Sit or lie down on a comfortable piece of furniture or mat.

Close your eyes, try to clear your mind of any thoughts, and take slow and deep breaths.

Once you feel you are very relaxed, ask yourself very detailed question about your life and desires, close your eyes, and visualize your answer to the question. Use vivid images and color in your mind’s eye.

Now go deeper with your follow up questions on that subject. Be sure to be very specific about things like color, smell, height, who is there, where it is, or many other specific ideas around you desire. Once you are satisfied with your vision, open your eyes. Continue on to the next question and visualize that answer.

Once you start doing this several times a day the visions and your dream lifestyle will naturally appear in your mind. It will eventually become like a mental movie that you can play in your mind anytime you want.

The more you focus on your goals using your imagination, the more your subconscious will drive your conscious mind to achieve these goals. You can use the questions below to create vivid mental pictures of your wealth, health, and relationship goals.



Posted 8 years ago by The Secret Mirror

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