A Bunch Of Tips On Meditation And Visualization

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to just slow down and breath, which is essentially what meditation is: the chance to calm your mind, focus on your breathing, and find the quiet within yourself.

Any time you are feeling stressed, or that you mind and body are not aligned with where you want to go in life, just take a few minutes and meditate. This can be a spiritual action, or not. The important thing is that you are moving past the tensions of the day.

After you are calm, practice this visualization exercise. It will help build your mind pathways to do this easier with other things in your life. Your creativity will increase and you will be able to think rapidly and clearer around what you really want to attract and achieve.

Some people have by nature greater ability to imagine things than others, as some they are more creative than others. If you find the following exercise too easy for you, then you can start with more advanced exercises.

Find a comfortable place to relax and dedicate to this exercise 20 minutes. Be sure that you will not be interrupted. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths to start relaxing your mind.

Now begin to imagine something familiar to you, like an strawberry. An strawberry is a common object to visualize. Focus on the strawberry; don’t let the distractive thoughts to get in the middle with your exercise.

First, see the strawberry from all its sides, point to point. When you have a clear image of the strawberry, then zoom in on it. Observe its skin, is it smooth or rough? Are there any holes? What colors are the seeds vs the skin? Focus on the details.

This action engages your creativity and trains your visualization skill. Spend some time observing these simple details.

That way you will learn to stay focused on the visualization exercise and not let irrelevant thoughts to distract you.

You will understand that you are ready to move on when you will have no distractions at all. If you realize that you cannot focus on the exercise, don’t get disappointed, it’s just the beginning. Your mind just needs more training.

Let’s move on to the exercise. You can have a clear image of the strawberry in your mind; you can zoom in and zoom out, and also you don’t get distracted easily.

Now move a step further and smell the strawberry. Cut it in the middle and observe again the details. What’s its color? Count the seeds on the outside.

As the time passes and you still observe the divided strawberry see how its color darkens over the time.

Finally, end this exercise by tasting the strawberry. Eat it all. Feel the taste of it in its full, like you do in the real world. Now, if you do this right, your mouth may be full of saliva. When you eat it, take three deep breaths and count from 1 to 5 and open your eyes.

You completed your first visualization exercise. It is an easy level 1 exercise. Repeat this training up to a point that distracting thoughts do not interfere with the exercise while you can imagine all these things easily.

Of course, you are free to visualize anything that is familiar to you, not absolutely a fruit. Just pick a familiar object that it is easy to imagine. You can also use different objects every time you try this exercise for better results.

I was too descriptive with the above visualization exercise for you to gain the full effect. After some training, you can follow your own designs. You can add details, actions and whatever you can think of to your visualizations.

Make the visualization, meditations and YOUR LIFE yours.



Posted 6 years ago by The Secret Mirror

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