The Secret Mirror Technique and Clearing Limiting Beliefs

“So what is this “Secret Mirror Technique” anyway?”, someone asked me the other day

Well, picture you getting ready for a big job interview. You know when your getting ready and you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “ You are smart and amazing. You are going to get this job! During this interview you are going to wow them with your skills and experience, and they are going to see how great you are that they are going to hire you on the spot!”

Well that positive self talk into the mirror is a way to tap into your subconscious mind and feed it positivity resulting in progressive change in yourself. Athletes do it, businessmen, politicians, musicians, many successful people have used this technique to elevate their success.

Well, what if you don’t actually BELIEVE you are good enough for that job?  Or that you are qualified? What if as you look into that mirror you don’t see yourself succeeding in that interview, but you are just trying to say positive things into the mirror to get up your confidence? Those thoughts are called counter-intentions or limiting beliefs.

Thoughts from your subconscious that are in direct opposition to the things you want the MOST in your life. Well in order to get that job you are going to need to remove that self doubt, to remove those counter intentions.

This is where The Secret Mirror comes in.

Intentions are powerful. This is where you state or declare your deepest desires of what you want to happen in your life.   You do this on a conscious level and believe that it will happen.

However if your subconscious mind has a belief in direct opposition to your intention, your subconscious either will not let your desire happen ,or you will not keep it for very long.

These oppositional beliefs are called counter-intentions or limiting beliefs.

In order to rid yourself from them you must clear them from your subconscious so that your intentions will be fulfilled.  

This coincidentally is called “clearing”.

There are many ways to clear yourself from these counter intentions, but in Joe Vitale’s “The Secret Mirror” he reveals a most unique and powerful tool.

Joe Vitale, the founder of The Secret Mirror, loves to read. has many books and loves to read.  One of his favorite books is called, The Magic of Believing ,by Claude Bristol from 1948.

In this book Bristol talks about reprogramming your unconscious mind using your own voice and authority in front of the mirror. For example, your  positive talk into the mirror right before your big interview.

Well, Joe Vitale spent the next decade refining it, using it, and improving it.

Joe’s biggest inspiration about the Magic of Believing was when he was driving to the airport and was going to pick up a drummer who had his same name, Joe Vitale. It was in that moment a flood of inspiration came to him and he realized the power of being able to talk to your future self who already got that job about how you overcame those counter-intentions and limiting beliefs and got that job!

This technique can be used immediately and the results are immediately effective and permanent! Before you know it that job or deep desire of your heart will be realized, and you be will that future self you saw staring back at you in the mirror.

Using a mirror he uses the combination of the power of your own voice to program your unconscious mind while magnetically connecting you to your own future successful self.

The best part of this technique is that you don’t need years or months to figure it out. You can start right now and bring your counter-intentions to the surface and eliminate the quickly and permanently.

When you use The Secret Mirror technique for clearing you remove these limiting beliefs at the root level of your unconscious giving you immediate progress towards clarity and abundance.

This can work for ANYONE willing to put it to use and the results can be dramatic.




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