Inspired Action is essential to the Law of Attraction

Inspired Action is essential to the Law of Attraction. The word attraction itself ends in “action”.

Too many people don’t take any action. They feel inspired, but do not act on their intentions. They wait for things to happen to them, and that’s exactly what ends up happening. They end up in an indefinite space of waiting and stalling. 

That’s right this doesn’t mean taking any action, I must take inspired action. Inspired action isn’t any thought that comes zooming through my mind. It is a feeling that comes to my heart and physical being. As I feel that idea, I write it down and take immediate action.

When I take immediate action I ride on the energy of excitement of that idea enabling me to see the return on it quicker, and even beat others to the punch who may have had the same inspired idea.

When you take action the universe joins in with you to co-create the intentions you want. This is when you get results.

However the action needed its not any type of action. It is not the type of action driven by ego. It is inspired action that is needed at this point.

What is the difference? Action lead by ego comes solely from your mind, inspired action comes from your heart and physical being. When you start to feel the feeling that “this is a good thing” in your heart this is something you need to act upon. This is inspired action.

As you feel that inspired action it’s important to write it down and immediately act on it. When you act immediately on the inspiration given you, you show the universe that you value what you are given and in return you are given more. You also ride the energy of the excitement of the idea and are able to put your intention into realization much more quickly.

So what intention will you act on today?




Posted 8 years ago by The Secret Mirror

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