A Bunch Of Tips On Meditation And Visualization

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to just slow down and breath, which is essentially what meditation is: the chance to calm your mind, focus on your breathing, and find the quiet within yourself.

Any time you are feeling stressed, or that you mind and body are not aligned with where you want to go in life, just take a few minutes and meditate. This can be a spiritual action, or not. The important thing is that you are moving past the tensions of the day.

After you are calm, practice this visualization exercise. It will help build your mind pathways to do this easier with other things in your life. Your creativity will increase and you will be able to think rapidly and clearer around what you really want to attract and achieve.

Some people have by nature greater ability to imagine things than others, as some they are more creative than others. If you find the following exercise too easy for you, then you can start with more advanced exercises.

Find a comfortable place to relax and dedicate to this exercise 20 minutes. Be sure that you will not be interrupted. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths to start relaxing your mind.

Now begin to imagine something familiar to you, like an strawberry. An strawberry is a common object to visualize. Focus on the strawberry; don’t let the distractive thoughts to get in the middle with your exercise.

First, see the strawberry from all its sides, point to point. When you have a clear image of the strawberry, then zoom in on it. Observe its skin, is it smooth or rough? Are there any holes? What colors are the seeds vs the skin? Focus on the details.

This action engages your creativity and trains your visualization skill. Spend some time observing these simple details.

That way you will learn to stay focused on the visualization exercise and not let irrelevant thoughts to distract you.

You will understand that you are ready to move on when you will have no distractions at all. If you realize that you cannot focus on the exercise, don’t get disappointed, it’s just the beginning. Your mind just needs more training.

Let’s move on to the exercise. You can have a clear image of the strawberry in your mind; you can zoom in and zoom out, and also you don’t get distracted easily.

Now move a step further and smell the strawberry. Cut it in the middle and observe again the details. What’s its color? Count the seeds on the outside.

As the time passes and you still observe the divided strawberry see how its color darkens over the time.

Finally, end this exercise by tasting the strawberry. Eat it all. Feel the taste of it in its full, like you do in the real world. Now, if you do this right, your mouth may be full of saliva. When you eat it, take three deep breaths and count from 1 to 5 and open your eyes.

You completed your first visualization exercise. It is an easy level 1 exercise. Repeat this training up to a point that distracting thoughts do not interfere with the exercise while you can imagine all these things easily.

Of course, you are free to visualize anything that is familiar to you, not absolutely a fruit. Just pick a familiar object that it is easy to imagine. You can also use different objects every time you try this exercise for better results.

I was too descriptive with the above visualization exercise for you to gain the full effect. After some training, you can follow your own designs. You can add details, actions and whatever you can think of to your visualizations.

Make the visualization, meditations and YOUR LIFE yours.

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7 Great Lessons from Think and Grow Rich

There is always opportunity and a better life…


“The ladder of success is never crowded at the top”
– Napoleon Hill

You are your biggest opponent


“If you think you are beaten, you are.”
– Napoleon Hill

Your mind is your biggest tool


“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.”
– Napoleon Hill

“Just as our eyes need light in order to see, our minds need ideas in order to conceive.
– Napoleon Hill

“There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought”
– Napoleon Hill

Defeat is new opportunity


“When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.”
– Napoleon Hill

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”
– Napoleon Hill

It is never to late


“Those who succeed in an outstanding way seldom do so before the age of 40. More often, they do not strike their real pace until they are well beyond the age of 50.”
– Napoleon Hill

Your success could be 1 Idea Away


“More gold had been mined from the mind of men than the earth it self”
– Napoleon Hill


“One sound idea is all that one needs to achieve success.”
– Napoleon Hill

There is no substitute for work and persistence


“The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.”
– Napoleon Hill

“Big pay and little responsibility are circumstances seldom found together.”
– Napoleon Hill

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Using Detailed Imagery to Attract Your Desires

Using questions to trigger positive imagery is one of the most powerful and effective ways to stimulate detailed mental images in your mind. When someone asks you a question, your mind is creating mental images at lightning speed to determine your reaction and your answer.

When someone interviews another, their follow up questions are usually geared towards obtaining more detailed answers. You can do the same by asking yourself detailed questions about your inner images which will make your mental movies even more vivid.

The more detailed your positive mental images are, the more exact they will be. A dull mental picture won’t give you as much motivation or positive energy to achieve your goals as a more specific one does.

To make your mental imagery more detailed you first need to relax. You can use one or more of these common techniques:

Remove any distractions or go to a quiet uninterrupted place.

Put on some comfortable clothes and do a little stretching.

Sit or lie down on a comfortable piece of furniture or mat.

Close your eyes, try to clear your mind of any thoughts, and take slow and deep breaths.

Once you feel you are very relaxed, ask yourself very detailed question about your life and desires, close your eyes, and visualize your answer to the question. Use vivid images and color in your mind’s eye.

Now go deeper with your follow up questions on that subject. Be sure to be very specific about things like color, smell, height, who is there, where it is, or many other specific ideas around you desire. Once you are satisfied with your vision, open your eyes. Continue on to the next question and visualize that answer.

Once you start doing this several times a day the visions and your dream lifestyle will naturally appear in your mind. It will eventually become like a mental movie that you can play in your mind anytime you want.

The more you focus on your goals using your imagination, the more your subconscious will drive your conscious mind to achieve these goals. You can use the questions below to create vivid mental pictures of your wealth, health, and relationship goals.

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The Secret Mirror Technique and Clearing Limiting Beliefs

“So what is this “Secret Mirror Technique” anyway?”, someone asked me the other day

Well, picture you getting ready for a big job interview. You know when your getting ready and you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “ You are smart and amazing. You are going to get this job! During this interview you are going to wow them with your skills and experience, and they are going to see how great you are that they are going to hire you on the spot!”

Well that positive self talk into the mirror is a way to tap into your subconscious mind and feed it positivity resulting in progressive change in yourself. Athletes do it, businessmen, politicians, musicians, many successful people have used this technique to elevate their success.

Well, what if you don’t actually BELIEVE you are good enough for that job?  Or that you are qualified? What if as you look into that mirror you don’t see yourself succeeding in that interview, but you are just trying to say positive things into the mirror to get up your confidence? Those thoughts are called counter-intentions or limiting beliefs.

Thoughts from your subconscious that are in direct opposition to the things you want the MOST in your life. Well in order to get that job you are going to need to remove that self doubt, to remove those counter intentions.

This is where The Secret Mirror comes in.

Intentions are powerful. This is where you state or declare your deepest desires of what you want to happen in your life.   You do this on a conscious level and believe that it will happen.

However if your subconscious mind has a belief in direct opposition to your intention, your subconscious either will not let your desire happen ,or you will not keep it for very long.

These oppositional beliefs are called counter-intentions or limiting beliefs.

In order to rid yourself from them you must clear them from your subconscious so that your intentions will be fulfilled.  

This coincidentally is called “clearing”.

There are many ways to clear yourself from these counter intentions, but in Joe Vitale’s “The Secret Mirror” he reveals a most unique and powerful tool.

Joe Vitale, the founder of The Secret Mirror, loves to read. has many books and loves to read.  One of his favorite books is called, The Magic of Believing ,by Claude Bristol from 1948.

In this book Bristol talks about reprogramming your unconscious mind using your own voice and authority in front of the mirror. For example, your  positive talk into the mirror right before your big interview.

Well, Joe Vitale spent the next decade refining it, using it, and improving it.

Joe’s biggest inspiration about the Magic of Believing was when he was driving to the airport and was going to pick up a drummer who had his same name, Joe Vitale. It was in that moment a flood of inspiration came to him and he realized the power of being able to talk to your future self who already got that job about how you overcame those counter-intentions and limiting beliefs and got that job!

This technique can be used immediately and the results are immediately effective and permanent! Before you know it that job or deep desire of your heart will be realized, and you be will that future self you saw staring back at you in the mirror.

Using a mirror he uses the combination of the power of your own voice to program your unconscious mind while magnetically connecting you to your own future successful self.

The best part of this technique is that you don’t need years or months to figure it out. You can start right now and bring your counter-intentions to the surface and eliminate the quickly and permanently.

When you use The Secret Mirror technique for clearing you remove these limiting beliefs at the root level of your unconscious giving you immediate progress towards clarity and abundance.

This can work for ANYONE willing to put it to use and the results can be dramatic.


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Inspired Action is essential to the Law of Attraction

Inspired Action is essential to the Law of Attraction. The word attraction itself ends in “action”.

Too many people don’t take any action. They feel inspired, but do not act on their intentions. They wait for things to happen to them, and that’s exactly what ends up happening. They end up in an indefinite space of waiting and stalling. 

That’s right this doesn’t mean taking any action, I must take inspired action. Inspired action isn’t any thought that comes zooming through my mind. It is a feeling that comes to my heart and physical being. As I feel that idea, I write it down and take immediate action.

When I take immediate action I ride on the energy of excitement of that idea enabling me to see the return on it quicker, and even beat others to the punch who may have had the same inspired idea.

When you take action the universe joins in with you to co-create the intentions you want. This is when you get results.

However the action needed its not any type of action. It is not the type of action driven by ego. It is inspired action that is needed at this point.

What is the difference? Action lead by ego comes solely from your mind, inspired action comes from your heart and physical being. When you start to feel the feeling that “this is a good thing” in your heart this is something you need to act upon. This is inspired action.

As you feel that inspired action it’s important to write it down and immediately act on it. When you act immediately on the inspiration given you, you show the universe that you value what you are given and in return you are given more. You also ride the energy of the excitement of the idea and are able to put your intention into realization much more quickly.

So what intention will you act on today?


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Define and Destroy what is Limiting your Potential

Why do we limit our potential? We do it to ourselves. Even though we may want to get in the best shape of our lives, or be President of the company, something inside us holds us back. They limit us from our own selves.

These are limiting beliefs.

They come from experiences that started even as early as children. As a child if you might of heard your parents fighting over money you may have formed the belief that money was scarce, or made people fight, or just in general never did any good.

Growing up maybe you were told you would never amount to anything. As a child you formed you beliefs that this was true. As an adult your subconscious mind still believes that child.

That belief grew with you into adulthood. Thats right it grew….taking a strength and form that at times is difficult to overcome.

As an adult you may have the deep desire an intention to be wealthy so that you can bring Doctors into third world countries, but if somewhere in you, your unconscious mind still believes in the thoughts you formed as a child, those desires of wealth, good as they may be, will not be manifested. Or if they are manifested they will not last very long.

It is crucial as you set purposeful intentions in your life, to also look deeply into your limiting beliefs. As you clear them your way will be clear!

Why does this matter?

As you say to yourself, “This is the year! I’m going to find that special someone! I am going to have that deep meaningful relationship I have always desired.” Your unconscious says, “No your not, because you will never amount to anything and no one could love someone who can’t amount to anything.”

That limiting belief roots deep into your unconscious mind, into your confidence, into how you really feel about yourself, and in the end works it’s way up to the surface into your relationships. Even into your future ones.

So lets start that desire over. “This is the year! I’m going to find that special someone! I am going to have that deep meaningful relationship I have always desired!” Then you go and search out your limiting beliefs, how and why you feel the way you do about yourself. You work on them from the root up by clearing them one by one.

Before you know it you exude confidence, love of self, and gratitude for the world around you, attracting to yourself the very relationship you desire.

Don’t let your limiting beliefs hold you back any longer!

As you know the greatest training we offer on overcoming and destroying your limiting beliefs is The Secret Mirror.

If you haven’t taken a look at it, do so now we have been offering it for 2 years now and closing it this year. Over 20,000 people have joined The Secret Mirror in that time.

We are so grateful for all the growth and change we have seen in them over the years.

You can see our video on limiting beliefs right here, grab the program The Secret Mirror and work wonders in your life.

A great thing to do is to recognize your limiting beliefs and then voice them out-loud.  Let your mind know what you want to eliminate.

What are some of your Limiting Beliefs?

With Love

The Secret Mirror

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Are your desires and dreams counter intentions?…dangerous thinking

An Intention is your deepest desire, what you want right now for yourself. You have declared it, visualized it. You have asked, believed, and opened yourself to receive, but that intention still has not been manifested. Why?

Consciously you have stated your intention, and this is good but this is just a very small part.

If you are clear in your subconscious mind you will be fine, that intention will begin to manifest, but if you you have counter-beliefs to your intention, they will either stop the progress of your intention shortly after it begins to manifest, or it will never come to fruition.

This is why when some people win the lottery and win millions of dollars they don’t have the money very long. Unconsciously they weren’t ready for it. They end up losing all of the money and sometimes even end up going deeper into debt. Why? Their unconscious mind is trying to protect them.

If their unconscious mind believes money is bad then when money comes along, their subconscious doesn’t want bad things to happen to them and will want to get rid of the money. So your unconscious mind creates this counter-intention.

So consciously you can have the intention of having money all you want but if your unconscious mind thinks “ I better not have money because it will ruin my life.” Your unconscious will win even if you consciously know something is better for you.

Clearing is the technique needed to now remove those counter intentions and have your intentions begin to manifest themselves.

Once clearing is finished you are on your way having your intentions manifested in completion.

Is this your situation?

I want to attract money. I have debts everywhere and it leaves no room for me to go back to school, or buy my dream house, or go on exotic vacations every year. I have stated my intention and nothing is manifesting itself to my life.

Well, somewhere down deep I have a counter-intention. Somewhere my unconscious mind beliefs the exact opposite. I may believe that if I have a lot of money it will make me a bad person, or maybe that there really isn’t enough money out there for me to have, or if I make a lot of money taxes will come along and take it anyways.

Whatever the counter-intention might be, it is up to me to find it an root it out. If I leave it there my greatest desire and intention will either not be realized or I may have money for a little while and then lose it very quickly as my sub conscious tries to protect me from the “evils of money”. Unfortunately, my unconscious mind will always win out.

However all is not lost! I can take that counter-intention, find the root of it all and clear on it. As soon as I clear on it the way will be open. Like a giant boulder being rolled out of blocking the path of a river, ideas will flow to me like the waters being released down the riverbed.

So what counter-intention will you rid yourself of today?

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7 simple ways to get clear of your counter intentions

Clearing is the middle process of having your intentions manifested.

You have already stated your intentions and found your limiting beliefs, or counter-intentions. Now you need to clear those limiting beliefs. Beginning at the root is crucial, along with clearing on each individual limiting belief.

Everyone is different and so are there experiences, but there are 7 basic ways you can clear on your limiting beliefs.

Let’s begin with the example that you want to be healthy this year, and your limiting belief is that you aren’t worth it to have to strong healthy body you have always wanted.

Let’s use this with the 7 different clearing techniques.


Playfully declare what you would like to experience, or what you want to have do or be. If you could have anything what would it be? Too many people state what they are desperate for, by stating intentions that have that desperation attached, you also attach a negative counter-intention to it. Remove the counter-intention by playfully saying to yourself , “Wouldn’t it be cool if.”

So, wouldn’t it be cool if I was so healthy I ran a marathon? Or climbed Mount Everest!


Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to transform yourself and everything going on in your life. It will accelerate all the things you want to bring into your life. Be grateful for whats already going on in your life. It’s like plugging yourself into an electrical outlet of energy. The more you are grateful for your moments the more enriched the next moments that come, are.

Look around you and find gratitude for everything you already are and have become. Really, everything! Let your mind be filled with the joy of what you already have and use that energy to propel you into your intention.

Question your negative beliefs.

Question why you believe them and change them into a positive!

Think about the conclusions you have drawn about why you don’t feel worthy of being healthy. Maybe because you feel like it’s taking time away from your family. Work your way through those conclusions and see how they are just wrong! Think of how you getting healthy will give you more energy and joy to give to your family!


Cleaning on the feelings that come up in your daily life.

When you feel those feelings of unworthiness or sadness about your state of health, think or say “ I love you, please forgive me, thank you, and I’m sorry.” on the feeling itself/

A Personal Miracles Coach

A personal miracles coach can work with you one on one in clearing your counter-intentions!


Visualize the end result as if it has already passed.

See yourself already successful, already healthy! Really feel within yourself how that feels!

Take inspired action.

Getting healthy is not going to come by sitting on the couch. Listen to all of your ideas that come into your heart and physical being on how you are going to get healthy. Write them down and then do it! Jump on it while you feel the excitement of the intention.

Clearing is essential to having your intentions manifested. You are well on your way!

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The Path

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No Limits

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