7 simple ways to get clear of your counter intentions

Clearing is the middle process of having your intentions manifested.

You have already stated your intentions and found your limiting beliefs, or counter-intentions. Now you need to clear those limiting beliefs. Beginning at the root is crucial, along with clearing on each individual limiting belief.

Everyone is different and so are there experiences, but there are 7 basic ways you can clear on your limiting beliefs.

Let’s begin with the example that you want to be healthy this year, and your limiting belief is that you aren’t worth it to have to strong healthy body you have always wanted.

Let’s use this with the 7 different clearing techniques.


Playfully declare what you would like to experience, or what you want to have do or be. If you could have anything what would it be? Too many people state what they are desperate for, by stating intentions that have that desperation attached, you also attach a negative counter-intention to it. Remove the counter-intention by playfully saying to yourself , “Wouldn’t it be cool if.”

So, wouldn’t it be cool if I was so healthy I ran a marathon? Or climbed Mount Everest!


Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to transform yourself and everything going on in your life. It will accelerate all the things you want to bring into your life. Be grateful for whats already going on in your life. It’s like plugging yourself into an electrical outlet of energy. The more you are grateful for your moments the more enriched the next moments that come, are.

Look around you and find gratitude for everything you already are and have become. Really, everything! Let your mind be filled with the joy of what you already have and use that energy to propel you into your intention.

Question your negative beliefs.

Question why you believe them and change them into a positive!

Think about the conclusions you have drawn about why you don’t feel worthy of being healthy. Maybe because you feel like it’s taking time away from your family. Work your way through those conclusions and see how they are just wrong! Think of how you getting healthy will give you more energy and joy to give to your family!


Cleaning on the feelings that come up in your daily life.

When you feel those feelings of unworthiness or sadness about your state of health, think or say “ I love you, please forgive me, thank you, and I’m sorry.” on the feeling itself/

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Visualize the end result as if it has already passed.

See yourself already successful, already healthy! Really feel within yourself how that feels!

Take inspired action.

Getting healthy is not going to come by sitting on the couch. Listen to all of your ideas that come into your heart and physical being on how you are going to get healthy. Write them down and then do it! Jump on it while you feel the excitement of the intention.

Clearing is essential to having your intentions manifested. You are well on your way!



Posted 8 years ago by The Secret Mirror

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